On Safari Europe - Friday, 19 October 2018, Toulouse, France

On Safari Europe 2018 congresses judges - Friday afternoon:

CarlosCarlos Lopez Argentina

Carlos has been breeding Abyssinians for over 10 years now, he used to breed British Shorthairs before that. Carlos has shown and bred Bengals for a while, owned 2008 Best International Bengal Kitten of the Year, 2008 Best Cat of the Year in SA and has bred and raised 2 litters of Bengals. Carlos has conducted several Bengal seminars for TICA and other associations.

KimKim Tomlin United States

Kim has bred Maine Coons for many years. She loves Bengals and has also judged at several On Safaris in the US. Kim loves sepias, minks and is well known in the Us for pushing exhibitors to show them. She has also helped and encouraged breeders when they were working on the requirements to have silvers recognised and advanced to Championship. Bengals respond very well to her soft handling.

HélèneHélène Guillaume France

Hélène is a TICA and allbreed LOOF judge. She has been breeding Birmans for over 25 years and fully understands the challenge of working a breed where type, coloring and pattern and temperament have to be worked on. Hélène is fascinated with wild life and loves wild felines and can spend hours watching wild felines at the Parc des Félins not far from where she lives or in documentaries. Hélène has judged a couple Bengal Congresses for LOOF over the years with over 40-50 bengals each time.

Show judges - Saturday & Sunday:

Carlos Lopez Argentina

Hélène Guillaume France

Kim Tomlin USA

Philipa Holmes United Kingdom

Francesca Gagern Austria

Steven Meserve United Kingdom

Lisette de Lantsheer Belgium

Olga Dentico Italy

Irina Karchenko Russia

Louis Costes France

Pascale Portelas France